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Sensata’s Pressure Sensors & Switches

November 30th, 2020

One source for all your pressure needs

Whatever configuration you require, look to Sensata. Our devices span a spectrum of pressure ranges, configurations and form factors:

  • High pressure (>750psi / 50bar)
  • Microfused Strain Gage solutions provides rugged reliability and a hermetic seal for a wide variety of environments
  • Mid pressure (100 to 750psi / 6 to 50 bar)
  • Ceramic capacitive or MEMS solutions offer a wide range of solutions tailored to application needs at superior value
  • Low pressure (inches of water to 100psi / 2mbar to 6 bar)
  • MEMS solutions including TPMS offer extremely low power consumption and wireless connectivity

You can find more information on Sensata’s pressure sensor and switch offering HERE.

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